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  • The Dawnay School is currently closed. It is open for key worker and vulnerable children only.


Upper Junior Home Learning


Every Friday we will upload everything you need for the following week's lessons to our Blog.

You can expect four links to fhe following documents:

  • a timetable, including a link to a weekly assembly
  • a word document detailing  the English and maths lessons
  • a reading comprehension text with questions and answers
  • a word document explaining the afternoon lessons for the week

These documents will include links to video lessons, where available.

Darwin's Delights

This half-term's topic is all about  the fascinating and important subject of evolution.  Please see the document at the end of this page for further details of what we plan to do.


We're delighted to introduce Sky Hawk  by Gill Lewis as our new  class book for this half term. Start by listening to the excellent introduction , recorded especially for you by Mrs Rourke, and then listen to the chapters in turn as they become available.

For more stories, choose from this selection of fantastic extracts available for free here:


From Monday 11th January, please use the new class email addresses (listed below) to contact your class teacher directly.  Unless urgent, we will do our best to reply within two working days.

For any other messages, please specify who the message is for and send it to:

The school office telephone number is: 01372 456774