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  • In line with DfE guidance, The Dawnay school is only open for eligible pupils. Please contact the school office for more information about the eligibility criteria for accessing a school place.


Review of 2018-2019 School development plan

We are pleased to share an update and summary of the key school improvements that were achieved last academic year. 

Aim 1: To improve the effectiveness of leadership and management

As a result of actions taken made last year, we start the 2019-20 academic year with a consistent Executive Head and Head of School in post. We are already hard at work developing the new staff team and middle leaders to embed the school improvements that were started last academic year.

Parent feedback during the year highlighted the desire for better communication between home and school. We hope you have appreciated the improvements feel the changes we made to our newsletters, school website, assessment information and reports are an improvement. These are all aimed to give you more detailed information about what your children do in school.  We have now relaunched pupil planners across the whole school, and plan further improvements in how we communicate with you for later in the school year. 

Aim 2: To improve outcomes for pupils

We are pleased to announce the actions the school took during the 2018/19 academic year significantly improved attainment and progress across school at both KS1 and KS2. Our provisional published data is shared on the school’s webpage and also summarised for you at the end of this letter.

There are many positives to celebrate in attainment and progress, but we recognise there is still more to be done to ensure this improvement is sustained for the 2019/20 academic year. This year, the school continues to have actions measures in place to ensure all children, regardless of their starting points, make good progress to achieve either the expected standard or greater depth by the end of each key stage.

If you have any questions about your child’s progress or attainment, your first point of contact should be your child’s class teacher. If you have already done this, and your concerns continue, please contact the school office to arrange a meeting with an appropriate member of the School Leadership Team.

Aim 3: To improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Last year school leaders worked hard to ensure all teachers and support staff were focussed on providing our children with the best quality teaching as possible. Throughout the year we worked hard to ensure every classroom showed greater consistency in the delivery of learning objectives, pupil differentiation, scaffolding of learning, and improved planning, all aimed at improving pupil progress in lessons to ensure more pupils achieve age related expectations or greater depth standard.

This year we are already focussing on teachers delivering effective assessment for learning (AfL)  practices to ensure lesson sequences are carefully planned to develop pupil’s knowledge, skills and understanding effectively.

We are also aware of the need to develop our homework routines across the school to ensure activities done at home support the good progress made at school. This includes broadening the choice of books in our reading scheme and restocking our Library with books for children to take home.   

Aim 4: To improve pupil’s personal development, behaviour and welfare

Ofsted judged our personal development, behaviour and welfare provision as good.  Overall most of our pupils attend school regularly, have a good attitude to their learning and apply themselves in school with good levels of engagement. Last year we started a review of our behaviour policy to refine the systems that underpin how we reward and sanction pupils during the school day. We successfully made changes to our celebration assembly, the recording of behaviour at break and how we deploy our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) to support pupils.

We want to continue to develop our behaviour policy to embed the improvements we made last year, but to also include an awareness of how to keep stay safe online safety and ways pupils develop their resilience and mental health.