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Parent Forum January 2019

Areas discussed 

The school’s leadership structure

The school has an Executive Lead, Mr Moses, who is currently in role 4 days a week, a full time Head of School, Mrs Hewitt-Lee, and a full time Inclusion Lead, Mrs Snell.  From January 2019 the school has ion post a School Business Manager, Mr Watkins, who is also full time

School leadership teams based on an executive head model are a way in which a smaller school, such as The Dawnay, can ensure all the the strategic, financial, operational  and managerial aspects of running a school can be delivered effectively as part of a team. 

Mr Moses is employed  for 4 days per week until the end of the summer term. The intention is that he will then be 3 days per week from September. Mr Moses, the Governing Body and GLF are in discussion to confirm appropriate contractual arrangements.

Dawnay’s parent view questionnaire

The 2019 parent forum survey was shared and discussed at the session. 

The Dawnay Parent survey can be seen as an attachment below. 

We were pleased to record the following highlights: 

  • 94% of  strongly agreed or agreed their child was happy at school
  • 96% of strongly agreed or agreed their child is well looked after at school
  • 86% of respondents would recommend the school to another parent

UPDATED: Ofsted Parent View feedback

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

Click 'Give your views' to register and complete a survey to help your child’s school improve.

As we have now been inspected, we encourage parents and carers to view our full results which can be viewed on the webpage. Click 'Parent View Results' to see the feedback about how our parents view our school. 

Areas to improve

The school have reviewed all the parent feedback detailed in the survey. Both the school survey and Ofsted parent view highlight the following three priority areas:

  • Parents want to see improvements in the quality and consistency of the leadership of the school
  • Parents want to see improvements in pupil outcomes and how important assessment information is communicated to them
  • Parents want the school to improve the quality of communication with its parent community.

In light of this valuable feedback, the school leadership team have adapted the school improvement plan accordingly. 

We are aware of other areas of improvement such as improving the Cornerstones curriculum offer, our homework offer, our extra curricular offer, improvements in marketing the school, and improving the extended school day.

All of this feedback and more will be drawn upon as we continue taking steps to ensure The Dawnay school offers the est provision possible to all it's pupils.