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Lower Junior Home Learning

Lower Junior Home Learning

Every Friday we will upload everything you need for the following week's lessons to our Blog.

You can expect four links to fhe following documents:

  • timetable, including a link to a weekly assembly
  • a word document detailing  the English and maths lessons
  • reading comprehension text with questions and answers. Every child needs to complete level 2 for Guided Reading unless a teacher has contacted you to let you know otherwise. 
  • a word document explaining the afternoon lessons for the week

There may be extra documents if these are required for the lessons that week. 

These documents will include links to video lessons, where available.

This term's topics

This half term we will be learning all about the rainforests. We are looking forward to exploring these amazing places and discovering what lives and grows there. 

Email Communication

From Monday 11th January, please use the new class email addresses (listed below) to contact your class teacher directly.  Unless urgent, we will do our best to reply within two working days.

For all other messages, please specify who the message is intended for and send to:

School office telephone number: (When open)

01372 456774

Please note, the default method of communication will remain  as a phone call. 

Additional Resources for Lower Junior Children

Attached at the base of this page are some the additional generic activities that were already for parents and carers to do with their children in Lower Junior classes.

Reading at Home

For children who are using the school reading scheme you’ll already be familiar with which colour band your child is reading within. We would recommend signing up for a free account on where you will be able to access a wide range of texts to read for free online which are organised into age range, level and genre.

We would ask that you read within the colour band that your child is currently on, with a focus on discussing the text and asking a range of questions to assess your child’s understanding of the text. Question prompts have been provided in the home learning packs to support you with this.

For more stories, choose from this selection of fantastic extracts available for free here: