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Dawnay Contingency Plan in event of closure

The Dawnay School’s Remote education

In light of the governments New Lock down guidance that came into force on Tuesday 5th January 2021, we have created a contingency plan based upon our school’s unique set of contexts.

Staff have worked hard to create a contingency plan that offers access to high quality learning that improves the ways to stay in contact with you at home. We thank you in advance for understanding how we have had to develop a plan to accommodate all the differing family circumstances within our Dawnay community.  

Please seethe attached document for our contingency plan. 

Overarching principles in the event of a partial closure or full closure

  • Curricular alignment: Teachers will deliver remote plans that broadly follow the same sequence as the normal curriculum children receive when in school. We will aim to provide home learning that equates to on average 3 hours a day across the school cohort.
  • High quality resources: Teachers will strive to provide resources that mirror those used in face-to-face teaching (resources will be easily accessible and break learning down into small steps). This includes the use of videos and nationally produced resources such as the Oak Academy resources, TT rock stars, BBC bitesize etc…
  • Feedback and assessment of learning: Teachers and school staff will remain in regular contact with families to offer supportive teaching and learning feedback.
  • Maintain a ‘Team Dawnay’ community approach: Teachers and school staff will strive to provide a supportive network to enable effective partnership between school and home.