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Message to Lower Junior Children

Message to Otters, Foxes and Hedgehogs Pupils

Dear Otters, Hedgehogs and Foxes,

We hope you had a lovely Easter and your home learning for this term has got off to a good start.

Our topic for this half term is Traders and Raiders so lots of our learning will be about The Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings which we hope you will enjoy.

We understand that learning at home is very different to being at school and some of you may be finding it difficult. Please do not worry if you are finding the work challenging, just try your best and we are sure you will do great! We also understand that some learning at home may take longer than at school so do not worry if you don’t manage to get everything done all in one day! We wouldn’t expect you to spend any longer than 1 hour on each lesson every day so just do your best!

We hope you are enjoying reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, it is a great story. If you are finding the story challenging to read remember there is an audio version on YouTube you can listen to. There are also two different Active Reading 5s, level 1 and 2. The text for level 2 is similar to the type of text we would usually read in class. However, if you are finding this too challenging please have a go at Level 1. Mrs Allen’s group please complete Level 1.

There are lots of activities for each day for Maths, we do not expect you to complete them all every day! We know some of you enjoy Maths and will want to complete it all and we know some of you aren’t so keen! Again, complete the work you think you can and don’t worry if you don’t get it all done.

Keep up the fantastic work you are doing and continue to try your best!

Miss White, Miss Payne and Mrs Glancy