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Spooky Spellings

A fun way to test your spellings!

We can learn to spell some words by sounding them out. That's all very well for words like 'cat' and 'pig', but what about those tricky words where if we try to sound them out, we don't spell them correctly like 'believe' and 'friend'? These are the words that we have to learn.

Irritating, I know. 

But, fear not!

Someone, somewhere has created this brilliant Spooky Spellings game to make learning these tricky words fun. Click on a year group (it doesn't have to be your year group), then chose a book from the bookcase, and you'll see a group of words. Click 'Go' to test yourself on this group of words. Each word will appear, and then disappear. Your job is then to drag and drop the correct letters onto the screen and to arrange them in the correct order. The bats will take the letters away when you spell the word correctly. 

I urge you to play with the sound effects on because the Skull Teacher really made me chuckle!