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Message to the Upper Juniors from Mrs Gilbertson, Mrs Jupp and Miss Shamp

Well we're almost at the end of week 2 of the strangest ever summer term! We want you all to know that we're thinking of you and are missing you very much. We wish we could be learning about WW2 with you in school and celebrating your achievements in the usual ways. However, although we've never experienced anything like this before, we hope that you are adapting to this new way of living and are settling into your new 'normal'. We also hope that you'll be able to look back on this as a special time. We've never had so much time to read before and to enjoy spending time with our immediate families and we urge you to focus on what is good, rather than what you're missing.

Thank you so much to everyone who's sent us photos of your learning this week. If you're looking for a new challenge, why not write an alphabet story? See if you can write a story in 26 sentences, each one starting with the next letter of the alphabet. Or, maybe you could write one with your family? Here's the beginning of an alphabet story...

As soon as I closed my eyes, I fell into a deep yet disturbed sleep.
Basil sprang onto the bed and snuggled up beside me but even his insistent purring didn’t wake me.
Cats are excellent company.
Don’t you find that?
Even if you’re not a cat owner, I trust you can appreciate what a comforting presence they can provide.
Furthermore, cats like Basil can be particularly useful companions if, like me, you’re prone to nightmares.
Going on with the story then, this particular dream was like no other.
Holidays are usually special times when we can visit new places, taste different foods and experience wild adventures.
Instead of dreaming of skiing down sparkling slopes or diving with dolphins, my turbulent dreamscape was one of a desolate, arid planet peppered with stagnant craters that were pulsating with slime.
Journeying as I was, simply in pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown, I didn’t feel at all prepared for this hostile terrain.
To be continued…

This weekend, the VLF (Virtual Literary Festival) is holding its 'Big Book Weekend'. Amongst other genres, it includes a children's programme with authors discussing their books and interactive activities, such as creating your own folded picture book. It will also include Michael Morpurgo discussing his WW2 books - so very relevant for our topic! To watch, go to and ask an adult to register (it's free, but needs an email address). As well As Michael Morpurgo, Miss Shamp is hoping to watch the Sci-Fi and Fantasy segment featuring Neil Gaiman!

Finally, here's another limerick from Mrs Gilbertson. Remember to send any limericks or alphabet stories to us at

There once was a school down my lane
That shut all its gates with a chain.
But the kids did cheer
For they had no fear
That it would reopen again.