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More pupil views of life in school since 3rd June

Returning to school!

How did you feel about coming back to school?

I was looking forward to coming back to school. My mum told me I wouldn't have many people in my class and we couldn't sit next to anyone. She also told me that we had to always stay 2 metres away from everyone. When we got to school we were told which way we could walk around the corridors. There are lots of signs everywhere on the walls and floors so we know what way to go. It was a bit strange when we first come to school but I was really pleased to see my friends again. We are able to go outside more than usual and so we have been up to the forest area and also had some lessons under the big tents.

What’s it like being in a Bubble?

It's much quieter than usual! We have one teacher and one LSA in our bubble. I can really concentrate on my learning without anyone distracting me and someone can help me if I get stuck.

Do you understand the hygiene arrangements?

We are always reminded to wash our hands when we arrive and before and after breaks. Each bubble has a set of toilets to use and we've been told which ones are for us. We can't use the water fountains at the moment.

What’s it like at playtime?

I love playtime. We can choose a set of PE equipment for our bubble to play with so it can be kept clean. We are all used to lining up now on the spots on the playgrounds