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Pupil views of a socially distant school life

Phase 1 School return for pupils from 3rd June 2020

Here are some pictures to help you iunderstand how school is different for those who currently attending. 

If you have school dinners,  individual meals get served to the classrooms. The desks all get cleaned after at lunch time before lessons start. 


There is additional signage around the school to help pupils and staff understand where they can go and how we should behave.

The classrooms are the base for each bubble for the whole day. Each child has a individual work station which is 2 m apart from others. The room gets clean and sanitised three times a day. 

The field and forest school is used for lessons and for play time. Each class bubble is allocated an area on the field to play in. 

There is a lot of lining up, but we need to do this to keep safe. Staff and pupils mostly walk around the outside of the school to get about. When we move around inside there are guides on the floor to help us keep 2 metres apart. 

Some of the children have written short diaries of what life in school was like this week. We hope it helps others understand where school life has stayed the same and  where it has changed.