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Home Learning for Week 4 (beginning 11/5) Upper Juniors

This week's home learning activities include learning Morse Code and making a model of an Anderson shelter. Do please continue to share your learning with us.  We love seeing what you've been up to and reading your emails. Keep them coming to this address:

Message for Year 6!
When your child is ready to do their maths assessment (they have until 4pm on Friday 15th May to do it and there is no time limit on how long it takes them to complete the assessment), please log on to  and then put in the 3 digit code:
They will then need to enter their name and first letter of their surname.
They will then need to click on the fraction assessment and will have a range of questions to do all about adding and subtracting fractions.
It is important when they input the answer they follow the instructions given - so for instance when inputting a fraction answer they need to use the / symbol to separate the numerator from the denominator.
If an answer is wrong they will be able to try again a number of times and will get a hint as to where they went wrong. 
Mrs Johnston and Mrs Jupp will be able to see their progress so will be able to evaluate if your child needs any further support with adding and subtracting fractions.
Next Thursday (21st May) there will be another assessment and this one will cover all of fractions as next week the learning will be multiplying, dividing fractions and finding a fraction of an amount.
We hope they enjoy this assessment - they will be able to see their marks immediately.