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Year 4 Maths Friday

Please find information about how to access the year 4 Maths assessment .

Good Morning! The maths assessment can be done any any device: iPad, tablet, phone, laptop, computer.

When your child is ready to do their maths assessment (they have until 4pm today to do it and there is no time limit on how long it takes them to complete the assessment),

please log on to

Available Tasks -

List of students available tasks. Get the LbQ Tasks app on your iPad, Android or Windows device


and then put in the 3 digit code: ejb       

They will then need to enter their name and first letter of their surname.

They will then need to click on the decimal assessment and will have a range of questions to do.

We decided to change the assessment to decimals rather than multiplication and division as Year 4 have recently completed the whole decimal topic.

We are including some handy hints below which will help your child. Please make sure they have paper and pencil ready for the assessment for their workings out - only the answer will need to be inputted.

Write out a place value grid on a piece of paper    H T 0 . t h 

When dividing numbers by 10 or 100 remember they move to the RIGHT on a place value grid, they move one place when dividing by 10 and 2 places when dividing by 100   ie   14 divided by 10 = 1.4

When multiplying numbers by 10 or 100 remember they move to the LEFT on a place value grid, one place when multiplying by 10 and 2 places when multiplying by 100 ie  1.25 x 10 = 12.5      0.15 x 100 = 15

If you are asked how many tenths or hundredths there are in a number - write the number on to your place value grid so you do not make a mistake   ie   1.34     has 3 tenths  and  4 hundredths

If you are asked to give a fraction as a decimal, again use your place value grid to write your fraction onto   ie  3/10 written on a place value grid would be 0.3 (you have 3 tenths)      4/100  would be 0.04 (you have no tenths but you have 4 hundredths)

Remember that 1/4 = 0.25    1/2 = 0.5     3/4 = 0.75      (these need to be in your memory!)

If an answer is wrong they will be able to try again a number of times and will get a hint as to where they went wrong. 

Mrs Johnston and Miss White will be able to see their progress so will be able to evaluate if your child needs any further support with decimals.

Next Thursday there will be another assessment - this will be on measurement, area and perimeter (area and perimeter is their learning for next week).

We hope they enjoy this assessment - they will be able to see their marks immediately.