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School Development Plan 2018/19

2018/19 School Development Priorities

Key Principles of our Teaching and Learning:

  • Safe and secure, encouraging children and staff to question and encouraging a culture of trial and error
  • a place where mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities
  • a place where striving towards personal excellence is actively acknowledged and praised
  • motivating and encouraging, praising the effort rather than outcome
  • outward facing, showing what is on offer in the wider world and giving opportunities for experimenting able to provide a range of experiences to inspire as many children and staff as possible in whatever area that interests them

Through our school values, for this academic year the school is working on these four main priorities:

Aim 1: Establish the new leadership structure across the school with clear roles and responsibilities for school improvement.

To be successful, by the end of the summer term we want our new leadership team to be effectively working together, successfully contributing to improving the school. 

Aim 2: Continue to raise attainment and target progress across EYFS, key stage 1 and key stage 2.

To be successful, by the end of the summer term we want more children achieving the expected standard and Greater depth standard in all year groups.

Aim 3: Deliver teaching across the school is at least good or better

To be successful, by the end of the summer term we want our children enjoying the best possible teaching and learning in the classrooms across the school.

Aim 4: To improve opportunities for our pupil’s personal development, behaviour and welfare. 

To be successful, by the end of the year we want to improve the personal develop opportunities our pupils have experienced in our curriculum to make them ready for the next step in their education.