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School Development Plan

Updated: 2018/19 School Development Plan Information

The school development plan for the current academic year has been in place since September. However, the plan has recently been updated to include reference to the recent Ofsted inspection (see separate 'Ofsted' tab). The Ofsted improvement priorities are referenced in our plan in bold.  

This academic year,  although the SDP is in place, we have put in place actions during the year to actively gain feedback from our parents with the aim of strengthening the relationship between the school and home. 

To find out more about the Parents Forum updates, please see the relevant section under the 'Parents' tab.  

2018/19 School Development Plan

Aim 1: To improve the effectiveness of leadership and management

 Key Strands of aim 1:

  1. Deliver an effective leadership structure across the school, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, to embed improvements.
  2. Ensure all leaders are held to account for their area of responsibility with evidence informed actions secure and sustain improvement to provision for all pupils.
  3. To further develop and promote the ethos and values of the school to all staff and the wider community

Aim 2 : To improve outcomes for pupils

Key Strands of aim 2.

  1. Improved whole school attainment and progress data tracking
  2. Ensure all pupils and groups who have fallen behind make strong progress to catch up
  3. Deliver effective teaching and learning to ensure off track and pupils from vulnerable groups make more than expected progress to ensure they achieve age related expectations or better.
  4. Improve percentage of pupils who are working at expected level for their age is at least in line with achieve national averages in Reading, Writing, VGPS, Phonics, and Mathematics and most able achieve the higher standard.

Aim 3: To improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Keys Strands of aim 3.

  • Ensure all teachers demonstrate high expectations of what pupils can achieve
  • Ensure all teachers use accurate formative and summative assessment of pupil performance to plan activities that build on what pupils already know and understand.
  • Develop the aspects of outstanding teaching, learning and assessment
  • Ensure all teachers provide effective challenge for all pupils in their learning to act swiftly to correct misconceptions, so that pupils make as much progress as possible

Aim 4: To improve pupils personal development, behaviour and welfare

Key Strands of aim 4.

  1. Deliver an effective behaviour policy to maintain consistently good standards of behaviour for learning, ensure consistent whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.
  2. Ensure all pupils understand and demonstrate how to keep themselves and other safe
  3. Ensure 96% attendance target met and rigorous  systems in place to address and improve lateness