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  • Stay and Play sessions for children starting reception class in September 2019

    1:30-2:30: 13th November, 13th December & 11th January.  Come and experience life at The Dawnay and meet some key staff and other parents

How we are organised

How we are organised

The school is organised into three phases - Infant, Lower Junior and Upper Junior.  Each one led by an experienced teacher or phase leader, who monitors the standards in each of the parallel classes in that phase (see staff list).  

Our cross-year organisation in the junior phases, unique to the local schools, means that we can be more flexible in deploying our teachers and in grouping and teaching your child.  Each child’s personalised needs are taken into account we are therefore able to teach children according to ability rather than age within a strong adult team.

Our structure also breaks down traditional year group boundaries so that children get to meet and befriend children from across the school.  Socially and academically this model works, and we believe is the best structure for our school. This is a forward thinking approach and one which is favoured by many educationalists.

For more thought provoking information you may like to Google

and ‘shift happens uk’:

There are three classes in each phase:

  1. The Infant Phase - Reception (4-5 yrs), Year 1 (5-6 yrs) and Year 2 (6-7 yrs)
  2. The Lower Junior Phase - three parallel classes (7-9 yrs)
  3. The Upper Junior Phase - three parallel classes (9-11 yrs)

The Infant Phase is Key Stage 1 (KS1) and the Lower and Upper Junior Phases together make up Key Stage 2 (KS2).  The Reception class is part of the Early Years and Foundation Stage.

Our school is small and nurturing; we pride ourselves on each member of staff knowing every child’s name.  We have one class entry of 30 pupils at reception and currently have the capacity to admit an extra 15 children at the beginning of the Lower Juniors (traditionally Year 3), which we are delighted to be able to do.  Our current class sizes in the Junior Phases are between 25 and 30 pupils.

At the end of each Key Stage i.e. at 7 years and at 11 years, children are formally assessed against National Curriculum levels in the core subjects (reading, writing and maths).  The results of these National Curriculum tests are published on the Ofsted web-site and this year’s results are on the website, under 'Our Results'.

We are very proud of the progress that all our pupils make whilst with us.  When compared with other Surrey schools our results are favourable.  We are lucky in Bookham to have so many good academic schools so that the choice that you make can be based on your preferred ethos, the environment that each school provides and how you can see it providing the best canvas for your child’s development.