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Dawnay Academy Consultation

Wednesday 6th November 2019

Consultation regarding joining a Multi Academy Trust

In June 2019 the governing body updated staff, parents and carers on the latest thinking about applying for academy status.  The Governing body indicated that they were beginning to look at joining GLF Schools, a local Multi Academy Trust (MAT).

The Governing body are now in a position to share their ideas for The Dawnay School and to seek your involvement in this decision. Whilst our proposal is recommended by governors and the Leadership Team, this is a true consultation exercise and your involvement will play a part in the eventual decision.

Our Proposal

After extensive discussions, we have concluded that academising and joining a Multi Academy Trust which is based on a model of mutual support between local Surrey schools is in the best interests of our pupils and staff. Discussions have led us to conclude that joining GLF Schools would provide the best immediate and future support for the school.  This proposal is recommended by the governors and by the Leadership Team. We are therefore launching a period of consultation with staff and with parents to ensure that we have considered all views before reaching a conclusion.  We would welcome your involvement in this process and your feedback on the benefits of the proposed arrangement.

Further information

All Parents, Carers and stakeholders in the school are encouraged to read the attached consultation letter and frequently asked questions. 

Next Steps

We are seeking views on the proposal to join GLF Schools through an online survey questionnaire which can be found by clicking on the following link: Link to consultation survey.

The survey will also be available in paper form at the school office or as an attachment below.

The closing date for replies is Friday 29 November 2019. We encourage you to learn more about GLF Schools from their website (and to attend the meeting mentioned below if you are able) before letting us have your views.

A meeting for parents will be held on Wednesday 20 November 2019 at 7pm at The Dawnay School.  At the meeting there will be a short presentation during which we will recap the proposal followed by an opportunity to ask questions to representatives of the school, governing board and GLF Schools.

The results of the survey will be considered by the governing board at a meeting where we will discuss the feedback received and will reach a final decision.

I hope that you have found this communication a helpful introduction to our reasons for proposing that The Dawnay School joins GLF Schools.