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  • Stay and Play sessions for children starting reception class in September 2019

    1:30-2:30: 13th December & 11th January.


What we teach

At The Dawnay we recognise the need to equip your child with the desire to find out more, and the skills with which to do so.  To this end our curriculum is broad and balanced with a view that if we can inspire interest and enthusiasm, your child will become a partner in their learning and will flourish.

The teaching of English skills i.e. reading, writing (including spelling and grammar), and speaking and listening are taught through the context of the topic. A phonic scheme is used for younger children, from Reception to early Key Stage 2, Letter and Sounds.

Maths tends to be taught as a discrete subject; however we make links to topics and real life situations to fire enthusiasm wherever possible. We especially enjoy applying our maths learning in the outdoor environment. Maths is taught in year groups in KS2 as this has been found to have the greatest impact on each individual’s learning in this subject.

We have recently introduced The Cornerstones Curriculum at The Dawnay.  Click here to find out more information.