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What we teach

At The Dawnay we recognise the need to equip your child with the desire to find out more, and the skills with which to do so.

To this end our curriculum is broad and balanced with a view that if we can inspire interest and enthusiasm, your child will become a partner in their learning and will flourish.

Wherever possible we approach learning through inspirational and exciting topics which embrace as many curriculum areas as possible.  Topic titles such as Heroes and Villains; We’ll Meet Again; The Terrible Tudors; Over the Hills and Far Away hold intrigue and many possibilities for historical and geographical research.

We aim to address the skills of a geographer and those of a historian within the topic headings and use relevant creative events both to enhance the work and to learn and develop design and artistic skills.

Where learning is first-hand, deeper understanding is achieved so role play and days of experience regularly support topics.

The teaching of English skills i.e. reading, writing (including spelling and grammar), and speaking and listening are taught through the context of the topic. A phonic scheme is used for younger children, from Reception to early Key Stage 2, Letter and Sounds.

Maths tends to be taught as a discrete subject; however we make links to topics and real life situations to fire enthusiasm wherever possible. We especially enjoy applying our maths learning in the outdoor environment. Maths is taught in ability groups in KS2 as this has been found to have the greatest impact on each individual’s learning in this subject.

To understand the value of languages, we teach French across KS2 and also ensure technology and the use of ICT is built into day to day learning.

Our well-equipped ICT suite allows us to teach ICT skills so that they can be woven in, and applied to our topics.  We are developing the programming skills of children so that they can understand the way technology can support learning in real-life activities.

We are lucky to have a fully working kiln in our art studio and the children have the chance to design, make, fire and glaze their own creations.

Please  refer to the Parents section for the Year Group information and download our curriculum planner  below.